UL is the mark used by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to declare the compliance of a product with the American and Canadian requirements of security. The tests made on products evaluate their eligibility in relation to potential risks of fire, electrical shock and mechanical dangers.

Even a cut-to-size packaging on customers’ specifications could modify the quality of a product.
Only the companies that comply with strict standards have the possibility to cut the cables for the automation industry.


Processed_wire_respooled_systemThe Processed Wire Respooled allows Te.Co. to respool and tailor the product without modifying its quality.

The proof of this identification is the tag, depending on the approvals of the cables, which is applied on the label that contains all the indications dealing with the traceability of the cable, the original technical information and that ones regarding its manufacturing. The tag asserts the continuity of the UL homologation and the qualification to the respooling process.

Te.Co. provides a customized cutting service based on the precise length requested, respecting the UL directives and guaranteeing to its customers quality and reliability.

The acquisition of the CIC/TC (Control Instrumentation Cable) homologation of the Tray Cable Exposed Run (TC-ER) for fixed installation has permitted Te.Co. to increase its tag portfolio printed under the license of the UL Label Center.

The compliance with the UL Processed Wire Respooled qualification allows therefore Te.Co. to carry out tailor-made wire cuttings in conformity to this standard, suitable to the principle worldwide markets.