Te.Co. Certifications

The “Total Quality Management” principles, which guide TE.CO. in all decisions, mean the company rises to daily challenges with an approach oriented to continuous improvement, which can only be achieved through constant production and process controls.

We know that long-term customer satisfaction can only be obtained when customers perceive the high quality of products and services. For this reason our cables undergo strict tests to ensure their compliance with sector-specific laws and regulations and many of our products have endorsements and approvals recognised worldwide.

Most of our products are approved by the Underwriters Laboratories [UL – USA] and the Canadian Standards Association [CSA – Canada].

Our cutting and traceability processes comply with the UL Processed Wire Respooled standard. Recognised accreditation institutes have certified the effectiveness of our quality results, until we obtained ISO9001:2015 certification. Lastly, our company can boast of a number of a registered marketing codes for its cables: O.R. FRX®, O.R. FRX-ST®, O.R. PMXX®, O.R. PMXX-ST®, O.R. PMMXX®, O.R. PMMXX-ST®, TECNIFLEX®, DRIVEFLEX-2YSLCY-J®.

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