technical data sheet

part number


cable family


Formation: (2x2xAWG24)ST/SN


category: ETHERNET®

standard/approval: CE/UL/CSA

shielding: SHIELDED

UL RECOGNIZED E244280CSAHalogen FreeCERoHS2014/30/EU

group // 2x2xAWG24

material Tinned copper
capillary diameter - Extra-flexible copper
conductors number 4
rated section AWG24 AWG
material Polyolefin
colour Orange-White/Orange*, Green-White/Green* *Ring bicolor.

total assembly make-up

intermediate taping
on make-up Around the total assembly.
material Semitransparent tape
total shield
on make-up On the tape.
material Tinned copper
shield shape Braid shield
coverage >=85 %
drain wire Not available
total shield external
on make-up On the braid shield.
material Aluminized tape
shield shape Overlapped shielding tape
coverage 100 %
drain wire Not available
total sheath
material Polyurethane non-abrasive
colour Green RAL 6016
diameter (mm) 5.8±0.25
Metric marking P/N 24188 - TE.CO. E244280 - Fxx - cRUus - AWM STYLE 20549 80°C 300V - AWM I/II A/B 80°C 300V FT2 - ETHERNET CABLE CAT.5E - O.R. PMXX® (2x2xAWG24)H2/H - year/week - CE meter indication
information notes
Non è garantita la tonalità del colore della guaina con cavo esposto ai raggi UV.
electrical features
working voltage 300 V
test voltage 2000 V
rated capacity (c/c) <=50 pF/m
rated impedance 100±15% ohm
electrical resistance <=87,6 ohm/km
insulation resistance >1 Gohm/km
transmission speed Up to 100Mbit/s
propagation speed 67%
attenuation *** ETHERNET cat. 5E *** -------------------------------------------- ATTENUATION Frequency[MHz]/Attenuation.std(dB/100m)/attenuation.typical[ 1/3,2/2,1 - 4/6,0/5,4 - 10/9,5/9,2 - 16/12,1/11,8 - 20/13,6/13,3 - 31,25 100/32/31,6 - 155,52/--/40,2 - 155,52/--/40,2 - 200/--/46,5.
dynamic features
minimum bending radius static installation 7.5 times ø cable
minimum bending radius dynamic installation 10 times ø cable
working temperature static installation -50°C / +80°C
working temperature dynamic installation -40°C / +80°C
travel speed Up to 200 m/min
acceleration/deceleration Up to 10 m/sec²
cable length inside chain Up to 15 m
chain length notes (horizontal only)
guaranteed cycles Up to 5 Mio
notes The given data are meant to be restricted to the type of reference installation. For fixed installation is meant to be without any mechanica stress. For application in dynamic installation with very low temperatures, contact our technical department.
approvals and standards
reference standards 1581, UL 758(UL); C22.2 n° 210(CSA); IEC 61156-3(EU); CEI EN 50288-2-2(EU); EIA/TIA 568-B.2; ISO/IEC 11801-1 (CL. D)
ul csa approvals RU E244280 AWM STYLE 20549 80°C 300V CSA E244280 AWM I/II A/B 80°C 300V
fire behaviour FT2(CSA); IEC 60332-1-2(EU) HALOGEN FREE: IEC 60754-1(EU)
industrial oil resistance 1581(UL); IEC 60811-404(EU); CEI EN 50363-10-2(EU); IRM 902
halogen free SI
UV resistance UV RESISTANT
Customs code
Customs-tariff number 85444995
Made in IT
TE.CO. reserves the right to make some modifications to the products notwithstanding the basic technical characteristics. Unless otherwise stated, all indicated data are nominal. RAL colour is stated only as reference. TE.CO. Tecnologia Commerciale S.p.A. – Via Achille Grandi, 1 – 40013 Castel Maggiore (Bologna – Italia) – Tel +39 051 6047311 Web: – E-mail: – Reg. Impr. Bologna e Codice Fiscale 03163100377 – P.IVA IT 01636081208. Subject to management and coordination activities handled by Pronos S.r.l.. All rights are reserved. The reproduction of any part of this document is not allowed without the written authorization of TE.CO. Tecnologia Commerciale S.p.A..