Over time, Te.Co. has developed a partnership network spread across the whole national and international territory to offer customers the possibility of dealing with competent personnel, able to advise the consumer and support them in choosing the product that best suits their needs, wherever they are.

For years, Elettrogruppo ZeroUno S.p.A., a company from Piedmont specialised in electrical material wholesale for residential and industrial applications, has been a Te.Co. cable dealer.

The company, increasingly oriented towards industrial automation, has always guaranteed excellent products by choosing partners with high quality standards, extensive ranges and exceptional services for years, employing sector experts who follow continuous updating and targeted training courses.

The partnership with Elettrogruppo ZeroUno S.p.A. allows Te.Co. to provide its customers with a group of professionals who are experts in both the electric cable and industrial component fields and both sales agents/representatives as well as consultants and service provides who can offers the best solution for any design or application sector.

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