Te.Co. expands its digital presence by publishing its YouTube channel. After LinkedIn, the company has taken a further step in expanding its communication channels with the aim of strengthening and consolidating the relationship with its customers and suppliers who will now be able to closely follow all the initiatives promoted by our company on YouTube.

This tool will aim to disseminate our production activities and internal projects in a more direct and effective way. Corporate areas involved will be Sales, Warehouses, Technical Department and Management, all to be closer to our customers and make us known by those who have not yet chosen our services related to cables and solutions for industrial automation.

The channel will contain corporate videos, technical insights, “briefs” with suggestions on the use of our cables and components for automation and interviews dedicated to customers and collaborators, in order to further promote the business both in Italy and abroad. Inside, the visitor can already view the first videos made to present the Company, the headquarters, the values, the specialisations and the application sectors regarding our products.

The company therefore invites you to view the contents on the channel that tell a story of quality, of a bond with the territory and the environment and attention to our employees, customers, consumers and the community in which we operate day by day.

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