Open since 2013, our demo room is a room where innovative technologies and training possibilities meet.

The demo room is equipped with:
• fixed automatic readers and manual readers;
• laser markers;
• photocells;
• safety barriers;
• various viewing systems;
• PLC.

It allows us to run customer applications live and test them with our brands’ products, so that we can effectively offer a tailor-made solution.

To meet the need of our customers to use applications in both dynamic and static contexts, we have installed a conveyor belt in our demo room that allows us to combine static tests with those in a dynamic version.

We are also able to test all the connectivity and integration part on an Ethernet basis since we have PLCs produced, for example, by Rockwell Automation and Phoenix Contact, available in the demo room.

Our demo room is also equipped to hold training activities, in complete safety, through demos and seminars for both staff and customers.

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