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TE.CO has announced it has joined Consorzio PROFIBUS e PROFINET Italia – P.I.: the company is yet again stressing its commitment to the development of cabling solutions to support PROFIBUS and PROFINET technologies, creating a synergy with various workers in the industry that are part of the association.

In order to work, a complex and automated industrial system (such as a production and assembly line) needs a hierarchy organised by the control system. In this context of application, BUS systems are used. The structure of a BUS system is often a central controlling unit that communicates with the input and output peripheral devices via a single cable.
The use of fieldbus systems is an essential condition for simplifying cabling and the management of a production line or an automated machine.
For this very reason TE.CO. has a range of cables suitable for the main communication protocols used in industrial settings, including PROFIBUS and PROFINET fixed installation cables.

O.R.UE (1x2xAWG22/0 0.64mm) SN/ST and O.R.FE (1x2XAWG22/0 0.80mm) SN/ST are PROFIBUS cables. PROFINET cables include the O.R. UE (1x4XAWG22/1)Q-R/SN/ST and O.R. FE (1x4XAWG22)Q-R/SN/ST.

TE.CO. is certain that the collaboration with PI Italia will contribute to the development of PROFIBUS and PROFINET technologies, which will, as a long-term result, have a positive effect on the company.

To learn more about TE.CO. solutions for the two types of technologies mentioned here please browse the online catalogue.