Robotics and automation roundtable: man-machine, the challenges of the future

The event “Automation and Robotics: Man-Machine, the Challenges of the Future” promoted by TECO and the Golinelli Foundation of Bologna ended on Friday.

After the week of meetings dedicated to middle and high schools, which were able to try their hand at programming a robotic arm and managing a logistics process with the aid of augmented reality, the event concluded with a plenary session chaired by science populariser Giorgio Sestili.

The following experts have also spoken in the event: Giorgia Roversi Managing Director of TECO, Stefano Tilli Sales Account Manager of TECO, Roberta Tanzariello, Robotics expert at Rockwell Automation, Giuseppe Centola, Head of Datalogic’s Fixed Scanner BU, and Massimo Pulvirenti, head of the Bi-Rex pilot line.

The main topic was the connection between innovation and human ingenuity, the one that translates into a constant desire for discovery and finding new solutions for our daily living and actions.

During the roundtable, the participants addressed the human-machine collaboration, the future that awaits us and how young people must acquire cross-disciplinary skills to live it fully. 

Together with the guests, the topic of multidisciplinarity and that curiosity that allows one to go further was discussed.

Our partner Rockwell Automation gave an example, talking about human-centric robotics and digitisation through simulation systems, neural networks and artificial intelligence.

Innovation and creativity were the focus of Datalogic, which has been at TECO’s side for over 25 years and a market leader for 50 years.

Giuseppe Centola focused his speech on the right mindset for facing challenges, while Pulvirenti, head of the Bi-Rex pilot line, emphasised the importance of their competence centre in this industry 4.0 investment scenario.

The fundamental paradigm is the data: it must be transformed into useful information for the human being who must then make the right decision, which is why we speak of collaborative technology.

It was also about the convergence of product into service (servitisation), and technologies such as 3D printing (additive manufacturing), virtual reality and last but not least predictive maintenance, core topics of the Fourth Industrial Revolution – or Evolution – in which we live today and the imminent Fifth, the one that sees man at the centre.

At the end of this wonderful experience, we would like to thank all the participants and affiliated schools, together with Fondazione Golinelli and the partners who helped us build this roundtable: Datalogic, RockwellAutomation, Elettrocablaggi and MRRobotica.

Watch the recording of the conference and our photo gallery.