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Bosch Machine
Bosch machine with Te.Co. Cables

Te.Co. was chosen by  Applyca, a Friulian company operating in the precision machinery tool service and production sector, for the use of its Tecniflex cables in its switchboard to produce a new Bosch machine.

Te.Co. Cables

To meet the German multinational Bosch request to create a product in line with the latest Industry 4.0 requirements, Applyca responded with the supply of modular and compact fibre laser cutting islands.

To complete this fully Made in Italy project, Applyca thus contacted specialised companies in Italy for the supply of innovative materials able to solve the issues tied to speed and precision. Among these, Te.Co. played a key role and was chosen to supply the special cables for the switchboard through its distributor partner Centro Automazioni, located in the province of Pordenone.

As confirmed by the Applyca director, Alfonso Sciarrabone «In addition to the fully in-house design, we are especially proud of having created an Industry 4.0 product exclusively choosing local suppliers. A sign of praise for small local businesses that demonstrates how the human factor, specifically Italian, is able to stand out throughout the world, even in this sector».

Specifically, Te.Co. products used in this application for Bosch are multi-polar static installation Tecniflex cables, designed to meet the needs of automatic machine and tool manufacturers and for some on-board machine applications.

Tecniflex Cables

They feature excellent flexibility, since the cable was designed for static installation, flame retardant according to IEC 60332.3.22 and CEI 20-22 II standards, limited external dimensions and good resistance to most industrial oils as per IEC 60811-404 and chemical agents.

Thanks to these features, Te.Co. cables were essential in the development of a solution that could increase product quality and productivity.

This all falls under the Te.Co. globalisation plan that daily aims to strengthen the brand, also assisted by local distributors, Centro Automazioni in this case, and establish new relations and opportunities beyond domestic borders focusing on the industrial automation world.

Centro Automazioni
Centro automazioni Partner Te.Co.


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