Technical training, specialisation, promptitude, collaboration, passion: these are the elements that, together with product quality and innovation, make the difference when choosing a partner for your business.

 These are the same ingredients that we put at the heart of our Customer Care department, a team of TECO specialists dedicated to managing customer relations and business practices in Italy and abroad.

 1,300 references of special cables and 5,000 of components, available on stock for prompt delivery, on which our Inside Sales experts are able to guide customers’ needs through their technical expertise.

We are talking about a work group of 23 professionals, organised by geographical area of competence, dedicated to building the relationship with the customers in order to bring them closer to TECO’s values and mission.

Indeed, the Customer Care department supports and enhances the work of TECO’s Area Managers and Account Executives and works in constant synergy with TECO’s agencies to consistently offer customers a high level of service.

The team, which handles 200 orders and 80 offers per day, supports the customer in the purchasing process with an average time of 36h for sending the quotation and 48h forprocessing the order.

The digitisation process that TECO is investing in, which has brought about significant changes aimed at innovation and process optimisation, has contributed to refining the work of Customer Care.

A key element of our digital transformation is the introduction of the new Salesforce CRM, which, together with other new digital tools, allows us to optimise our service, have a deep understanding of our customers to offer them dedicated, quick support and precise references to turn to.

The team is structured in such a way that the Inside Sales cable and component specialists, together with the Outside Sales Representatives, collaborate closely with the customer, supporting their needs and transforming them into solutions and a tailor-made offer, providing pre- and after-sales support.

This is possible due to the established technical expertise and continuous specific training provided by TECO Product Specialist colleagues on different products; for example, with reference to our portfolio Rockwell Automation and Datalogic portfolio, we have specialists who are specifically trained on these products.

Back office personnel takes care of the paperwork, from checking material availability in real time, to uploading the order and sending the confirmation to the customer.

The coordinators of the entire team are the Inside Sales Managers Valentina Florio and Mariagrazia Trentini under the guidance of Operations Director Lorenzo Guagliumi.

Here there are: