We celebrated Te.Co.’s first 40 years with our entire team in a beautiful setting!

In these first 40 years we have gained technical expertise, experience and we grown as a team, together with those who put their trust in us every day.

A success story that has led us to become a major player in the market for cables and components for industrial automation. Our winning mix? The people who celebrated together today and the values they share: relationships, technical expertise, service and roots.

It all started in 1982 with listening to and serving “Mr Customer”:

To meet the needs of a customer who was relocating its production abroad, we converted a problem, arising from the territorial limitation of our business activity, into an opportunity. We have opened a new sales channel with no area limits, to establish ourselves across borders.

In 2000 we took on another challenge: to use our Te.Co. brand to distinguish our cables, a guarantee of quality and technical features.

Over the years, we have established exclusive partnerships with major companies in the components market and have become trusted distributors.

Today we celebrate our achievements…

customers who entrust their projects to us every day and listen to our advice, in a dynamic relationship based on listening and exchange. We cultivate collaboration and communication skills, sharing goals, accepting and respecting ideas and people.

…looking forward to the future:

we are a future-oriented group, we want to be an active part of pioneering projects to contribute to the ethical and sustainable progress of the society to come.

To do this, we continue to evolve, also through our identity… soon you will discover the new Te.Co., always dynamic and incisive.

Meanwhile, best wishes TE.CO. and good luck to us all in our work!