Our new family of TC-ER NYLON tray cables, shielded and unshielded, represent the ideal solution for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications that require reliable and durable performance.  Compliant with several regulations, including UL2277, UL1277, UL1063, UL758 and UL1581, these cables are designed to ensure maximum safety and compatibility with international standards.

Their multi-standard design makes them suitable for a variety of environments and applications, including WTTC (Wind Turbin Tray Cable) for wind turbines, and MTW (Machine Tool Wiring) for the connection between machines and machine control board.  

Thanks to the TC-ER (Exposed Run) classification, they can be used without the need for additional metal conduits. 

The new TC-ER NYLON and TC-ER NYLON SH (shielded) cables offer numerous advantages over the traditional PVC versions: 

  • Better behaviour to EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) disturbances: thanks to the aluminium/polyester screen that ensures a more stable and safe working environment (only for shielded version).
  • Simplification of the Wiring Process in multiple applications: thanks to the Tinned Copper Drain wire, the drain wire, which contributes to greater efficiency and reliability. 
  • Greater Strength: thanks to the presence of nylon in the TRAY cable structure, its tensile strength has been greatly improved. This results in greater overall strength, making the cables more resistant to impacts, mechanical stresses and tearing during installation and use. 
  • Resistance to Oils: the nylon gives cables greater resistance to oils and gasoline, extending their durability and adaptability in a wide range of environments. 
  • High Safety Standards: fire performance UL 1685 – FT4/IEE 1202 Vertical flame test.
  • Accredited Impact Resistance Tests: TC-ER NYLON cables are subjected to rigorous cold and impact resistance tests, compliant with UL1277 standards, ensuring their reliability even in the most extreme situations. 
  • Compact design: With a smaller diameter than traditional PVC cables, these cables offer easier installation and take up less space in complex systems. 

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