nuovi cavi driveflex 2xslcyk-jb

A new family joined our special cable range for static installation as of December 2020: Driveflex 2XSLCYK-JB.
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Specifically, the new special electric cables with the same section can support higher current capacities than the previous 9YSLCYK-JB model.
This is possible because, thanks to the particular insulation of the conductors, the new family of cables can withstand high temperatures both during installation and during its life cycle.


In new configurations, the special Driveflex 2XSLCYK-JB cables for static installation replace the previous 9YSLCYK-JB family.

The reason for this choice is that the new Driveflex 2XSLCYK-JB range sometimes allows to save a rated copper section size.

For example, the 2XSLCYK-JB series 70mm2 cable has a current capacity of 246 A, which is almost the same as that of the 9YSLCYK-JB model 95mm2 cable (250 A).

Furthermore, we have chosen to supplant the old Driveflex range to offer the possibility of using cables in industrial automation systems that comply with the new regulatory standards that guarantee the opportunity to have a higher current capacity.


The two Driveflex special cable families offered by Te.Co. have their own characteristics that we are going to introduce to you in the specific paragraphs:

  • Driveflex 2XSLCYK-JB cables
  • Driveflex 9YSLCYK-JB cables

To get a clearer overview of the 2XSLCYK-JB and 9YSLCYK-JB cable current capacities, we recommend that you download the comparison table.


The new range of Driveflex 2XSLCYK-JB cables is essentially characterised by the following technical features:

  • special PVC jacket
  • double shield
  • XLPE conductor insulation
  • maximum operating temperature 90°C
  • UL/CSA certification

Specifically, the Driveflex 2XSLCYK-JB cables have a special black PVC jacket.

According to UL1581 and CSA22.2 n°210 standards, this type of sheath gives the cable good resistance to UV rays (UV RESISTANT).

In addition, Driveflex 2XSLCYK-JB cables feature XLPE conductor insulation (cross-linked PE).

This property allows to reach an installation temperature of up to 90° and, therefore, to have higher current capacities than the Driveflex 9YSLCYK-JB family which reaches 80°C.

This is the innovative feature that makes them differ and provides them with higher performance than the 9YSLCYK-JB family.

Moreover, this family is equipped with a double shield made of aluminium strip and tinned copper braid. Specifically, this composition achieves a considerable reduction of radiated disturbances in both low and high frequencies, facilitating compliance with the directive on electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

The 2XSLCYK-JB model also has a special geometry composed of three phase conductors. This feature increases immunity to electromagnetic disturbances and reduces the final diameter compared to an equivalent 4-pole formation.

Driveflex 2XSLCYK-JB cables can be placed between inverters and motors and in metalworking plants, with plastic and hydraulic presses and in the steel industry.

Finally, the 2XSLCYK-JB model is UL/CSA certified and can be used over long distances and to wire large motors up to 150KW.


Driveflex 9YSLCYK-JB cables are double-shielded and meet stringent UL/CSA standards.

Furthermore, they have low capacity polyolefin insulation and a black PVC outer jacket.

The 9YSLCYK-JB model is also made up of three phase conductors. The characteristic which, as anticipated in the previous chapter, increases the resistance to electromagnetic disturbances and reduces the size of the final diameter (again compared to an equivalent 4-pole formation).

Finally, Driveflex 9YSLCYK-JB model cables can also be positioned between inverters and motors. What’s more, they can be installed in metalworking plants or in the steel industry in general.

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