Inverters, also known as VFDs (Variable Frequency Drives), are among the most widely used devices in the world of industrial automation, in most automated machines, in sectors such as packaging, wood, ceramics, plastics and many others.

In recent years, the electronic devices within VFDs have achieved such high performance that these drives are sometimes comparable to servo systems.

On the other hand, these ever-increasing commutations of the drive’s electronic components lead to electromagnetic disturbances, which compromise the service life of the motor and the proper functioning of low-voltage devices within the control cabinet (PLC, analogue and digital input and output boards, etc.).

n fact, standard cables act like an antenna and emit electromagnetic radiation, causing interference. This can be remedied by using dedicated cables, specially built to cope with this type of problem:

  1. SYMMETRIC DESIGN: geometric configuration with 3 phase and 3 earth conductors, which reduces leakage currents to earth while safeguarding the motor bearings and windings.
  2. DOUBLE SCREENING: consisting of an aluminium/polyester tape coupled with a high coverage tinned copper braid offers the best protection against EMC interference.
  3. INSULATION: the use of cross-linked material, XLPE, with a use temperature of up to 90 °C ensures:
    – A low impedance.
    – Greater electrical stability compared to the more widely used PVC.
    – Increased cable length on motor side.
    – Reduction of voltage peaks (spikes) to the motor.
    – Substantial reduction of the “sprocket” effect, which safeguards the motor bearings.
    – Increased efficiency of power transfer between drive and motor.

The use of TECO’s DRIVEFLEX 2XSLCYK-JB, which is UV-resistant and has double UL/cUL AWM certification, is also ideal for the large drives typical in the steel, heavy industry and plastics processing industries, as well as on hydraulic presses, steel mills, the paper industry, for connection of motors up to 150kW, and more.

If you would like to know more about DRIVEFLEX 2XSLCYK-JB cables for VFDs and servomotors, you can talk directly to our cable specialists, contact us to arrange a meeting or remote appointment.