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Our main goal is to satisfy customers so that they faithfully rely on us and recommend us to others: for this reason our work doesn’t end with the sale of our special cables.
About 1,350 product codes are produced on our technical specifications that we cut to size and quickly deliver.
But that’s not enough: our customer must achieve the most out of our products.
For this reason we accompany them every step of the way in the selection, purchase and installation of our cables with thorough information, ready at the right time.
For example, customers will find an information sheet in each delivered order with all the information they need for installation: from unpacking to laying, each step is thoroughly explained with constantly updated and easily understandable instructions.
Often operators receive material without having our catalogue or the possibility of searching our website available.
Unpacking, how to use, having instructions on winding/unwinding and laying are just some of the information this sheet contains.
This is just an example of our philosophy: helping customers with the right information at the right time also translates into having an on-line cable configurator, helpful in the offer and estimate phase or, what’s more, a hard copy catalogue – available in any situation – with detailed information on the features, installation, certifications, etc. and much more.
Assisting customers who choose Te.Co. cables allows us to continuously improve our processes and guarantee complete customer satisfaction, consistent with our values.

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