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Updated, expanded and renewed, the new 2018 catalogue includes the entire range of Te.Co. products: special cables cut to size, approved and ready to be shipped immediately.

The new edition of the catalogue offers a great way to find out more about our company and the products we design and make for specific applications in industrial automation.

Special cablesThe catalogue is an essential tool for our customers to find their way around the world of cables for dynamic installation and cables for static installation and choose the best product to suit their needs.

The most important new developments are introduction of the Driveflex 9YSLCYK-JB multipolar cable families and the multinorm UL Listed MTW – HAR – UL Recognized 105°C 1000V / CSA unipolar cables.

We have also added more than 250 codes and a number of explanatory notes guiding the choice of the best cables to suit specific requirements.

Innovation and continuity are both reflected in the new catalogue, which is organised in the same way as the previous edition, facilitating reading by distinguishing between:

  • shielded cables
  • unshielded cables
  • power cables
  • signal cables

Our commitment to on-going improvement and compliance with regulatory standards is tangibly expressed in our products, and the 2018 catalogue is a tool we offer our customers to help them keep abreast of the latest new developments in the field of special cables.

Download your digital copy of the new 2018 catalogue here.

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