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At Te.Co., we are convinced that offering a service to the customer means having trained personnel, able to support the customer both at the time of purchase and in case of need, keeping a fully stocked warehouse so as to be ready for any request of the customer, but above all, offering products that comply with both national and international regulations and standards so that they can reach a project anywhere.

It is precisely to produce cables with a high quality standard that our quality system conducts in-depth controls both at goods entry for each product code and randomly on all cables in stock, to ensure that the construction specifications in the technical data sheets issued to the production sites are respected during production and that, therefore, our brand cables are made in compliance with the regulations that we declare on the technical data sheets available on-line.

After the tests carried out in the production phase, our cables also undergo an IT check. Thanks to our in-house process digitalisation, this check automatically generates an internal inspection procedure.

Both the cable inspection that is conducted during the production phase – a tangible check of compliance with the data stated in the technical sheets – and the internal inspection must meet certain construction parameters:

–          Material quality

–          Wire formation

–          Insulation thickness

–          External wire and sheath diameter

–          Shield quantity and quality

–          Cable markings

–          Visual inspections: sheath and wire colour, packaging

For our dynamic installation cables, O.R. FRX®O.R. PMXX®, O.R. PMMXX®, we conduct an additional quality inspection: internal wire stranding pitch check. Stranding pitch is simply the distance between the starting and ending points in a full wire turn around the cable axis.

In this case, the cable is opened to permit the stranding pitch check, applying a mathematics formula and checking whether it meets the bending-torsional dynamic specifications indicated in the technical sheet.

We have decided to submit our products to multiple inspections because we want each and every cable that is chosen by the customer to match our passion for quality that guides all of us at Te.Co. since the company was established.

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