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At Te.Co. we are aware that cables included in an installation are subject to wear and tear both from external factors and from the devices themselves. Therefore, in the construction of our products, we use materials that isolate and protect the cable making it resistant to such adversities. For example, the reinforcement of some of our cables plays the role of mechanical protection to improve resistance to traction and crushing, but also of anti-rodent protection in case of underground cables.

Positioned below the outer sheath of the cable, the reinforcement is composed of galvanised steel wires that can be arranged in different ways depending on the flexibility to be given to the cable. Following are some types of reinforcement:

  1. Parallel: the steel wires are positioned next to each other so as to form a spiral. This positioning gives flexibility to the cable.
  2. Braid: the galvanized steel wires are braided together, this trick reduces the radius of curvature of the cable as a whole and increases the resistance in case of crushing, cuts and stresses. It is the reinforcement that, compared to all the other types, permits the smallest bending radius in absolute terms.
  3. Plate reinforcement: galvanized steel plates are placed in the cable and this reinforcement is more effective in resisting traction than with reinforcement using only ribbons. Sometimes a steel ribbon wound in the opposite direction to the underlying layer can be added.

Our range of reinforced cables is represented by the Tecniflex AR family. These are cables for static installation in which the wire insulation layer and the external sheath are made of a PVC-based compound, the reinforcement is a braid type which implies a minimum bending radius, 6xØ cable in our case, and greater mechanical strength; they adapt to a considerable temperature change with temperatures ranging from -40 ° to +80 °, they are resistant to industrial oils and, in case of fire, they adopt a self-extinguishing behaviour.

The Tecniflex AR range is visible in our on-line catalogue.

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