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Some applications require outdoor cable installation and one of the main problems is that the cable tends to fade in the long run. Therefore, cables intended for outdoor applications need to maintain UV resistance for long and indefinite periods of time and be constructed with materials that are qualitatively adequate to guarantee the physical integrity of the cables themselves.

Cavi UV Resistant Te.Co.All shielded and unshielded Te.Co. cables for dynamic installation in raceways in the FRX® family, with black PVC compound jacket, and both PUR PMXX® and PMMXX® cables, always shielded and unshielded with grey or black jacket, are UV RESISTANT.

They maintain their characteristics even after prolonged outdoor exposure and therefore directly to UV rays. Dynamic and electrical characteristics are therefore not altered but guaranteed according to the performance that we declare in the catalogue.

Cables for static installation, Tecniflex® with black jacket and Tecniflex®BK 0,6/1kV, shielded and unshielded, and the DRIVEFLEX 9YSLCYK-JB servomotor cables all share the same feature, resistance to UV rays.

The combination between the quality of the materials used and the black colour of the jackets of these latter families guarantee suitable outdoor use and consequently also long-term exposure to sunlight without compromising the mechanical and electrical characteristics.

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