Te.Co. Natale

As we begin to wind down this 2019, we are pleased to take this opportunity to take a look at the different activities carried out over the past 12 months, aimed at introducing our range of special cables and our solutions for industrial automation to the national and international market.

This is in fact the best time to take stock of the company’s growth, to look to the future, and to thank all customers, suppliers, but above all, all those who work for Te.Co. everyday. It is thanks to this strength that the company has grown in these 37 years and has established itself as a reference point in this sector.

The company has kept up to pace with innovation this year by continuously updating standards and certifications, expanding our cable range and partnerships with main market players, to whom we offer high-quality industrial products technological level.

The events of 2019, first and foremost MIA, SPS Parma, Mecspe and SPS Smart Productions Solutions, allowed us not only to consolidate relationships with customers, but also to strengthen the Te.Co. brand both nationally and internationally, making our products known in a such a diverse and constantly evolving market.

Looking back, however, also allows us to move forward with even greater impetus: and it is with this hope that we look forward to seeing you in 2020, certain that the upcoming year will be equally rewarding.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Te.Co.!