Underwriters Laboratories (UL) requires traceability in processing of all approved products. The methods employed to ensure this differ for different products. The PROCESSED WIRE RESPOOLED system has been set up for wires. The process is used whenever the final customer requires a standard wire to be reduced in length by cutting the wire. When this happens, the new piece is accompanied by a tag bearing the same technical information as the original wire and a new box stating “PROCESSED WIRE RESPOOLED”.

This guarantees that:

  • The wire still has UL approval.
  • It comes from a company authorized to respool wire.
  • Unwinding and cutting operations have been performed correctly.

Te.Co. has acquired this approval and is authorized after opening position No. E470288 to respool wire. The correctness of the procedures used is guaranteed over time by periodic inspections conducted by the organization. Every cut made by Te.Co. therefore fully conforms to UL’s requirements.