Our mission is to offer customers tailor-made integrated automation solutions. 

Today we tell you about one of our recent success stories in the automotive sector, a project realised for an end-user, top player in the Luxury Sports Car sector in cooperation with our customer ESISOFTWARE.

TECO and ESISOFTWARE have been working together for over thirteen years to provide their customers with automatic data reading solutions and systems, in particular through the Datalogic product offering of which TECO is a Diamond Partner.

In this case, TECO, thanks to the experience of its Senior Sales Engineer Fabio Taraborrelli, supported ESISOFTWARE by playing a key role in understanding the customer’s needs and evaluating the most suitable product that could fully meet the end-user’s needs.

The customer’s primary need was to automate code reading operations and component tracking on the production assembly line to minimise the possibility of operator error.

The problems encountered so far were:

  • manually operated code reading prone to error (being performed by a human operator and in a small physical space)
  • lack of homogeneity of parts (mechanical structure)

The solution identified by TECO and ESISOFTWARE:

  • find a range of products with a standard design that make them fit the application and the actual conditions thereof.

We chose Datalogic’s Matrix 220 and 320 2 MEGAPIXEL AND 5 MEGAPIXEL readers (with very high IP 65 and IP 67 protection rating) with on-board ETHERNET/MODBUS TCP/OPC-UA connectivity, interconnected with ERP and WMS, as ideal readers. 

The fixed readers were installed inside the premises and were positioned at the most strategic points for automatic detection, to avoid the intervention and movement of the human operator. 

Specifically, the Matrix 320 reader is designed to provide the operator with immediate 360 feedback on the correct or incorrect reading of a code, detected by the switching on of a traffic light (green or red). Afterwards, the detected code will always be checked by the traceability management software.

ESISOFTWARE took care of the installation, assembly and commissioning of the solution identified together with TECO product specialists, who provided their know-how. For ESISOFTWARE, the project was analyzed and managed by the General Manager Luca Cesari, hardware design consultant for Smart Stations and expert in traceability and identification solutions.

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