In a market increasingly attentive to UL/CSA approvals and certifications for the United States and Canada, Te.Co. offers a range of products that complies with NFPA70, NFPA79 and UL508A standards thanks to the expansion of its cable range.

We have solutions for applications on electrical panels as well as on-board machinery, responding to the different needs of machine manufacturers, panel builders and system integrators. Special attention was paid to the PROCESSED WIRE RESPOOLED system to cut cables according to UL directives.



Single core UL STYLE 10269 MTW-HAR-TEW

Single core multi-standard UL LISTED TYPE MTW cables, specifically designed to wire electrical panels, meet the multiple needs of those customers who export to Europe and North America. Due to TEW certification specific to Canada and HAR for Europe, a single product can be used in several markets. Hanks, reels and cut are available in stock.


Multicore UL RECOGNIZED STYLE 21179 cables

The family of multicore cables UL STYLE 21179 complies with two UL RECOGNIZED standards and includes the 2587 90° 600V and 21179 90° 1000V styles. The regulatory landscape is completed with the CSA approval and the CE marking so that products can be used in both the Canadian and European markets, in addition to the North American market.


The TRAY CABLE EXPOSED RUN multicore cable family is mainly designed for laying in conduit but also outdoors. The PVC used in the sheath is OIL RES and WET APPROVAL to allow for use in environments with humidity and oils. The DIR BUR (DIRECT BURIAL) approval also allows for use underground.

All multicore cable families maintain the dual section in markings according to European system in mm2 and AWG North American system. Each marking also bears the TE.CO. article code and the indication of progressive metric square metres.

PROCESSED WIRE RESPOOLED approved cable cutting service

Te.Co. has acquired this approval and is authorized after opening position No. E470288 to respool wire. The correctness of the procedures used is guaranteed over time by periodic inspections conducted by the UL organization.

UL/CSA certified cables guarantee quality and reliability. To learn more about them, go to the web site section dedicated to the certifications obtained by Te.Co.