FOCUS ON: Unipolar Multirated UL Cables

Quality counts most when it encounters no limits, which is why TECO invests in solutions that give
customers the opportunity to expand the boundaries of their market.

An example of this approach is the choice of UL STYLE 10269 MTW-HAR-TEW Unipolar Cables for fixed laying, which are intended for switchboards and made especially for companies operating in several countries, even outside the EU, because they adopt UL and CSA certifications as a reference, which are also useful for exports to the USA and Canada.

In fact, these double-section cables ensure that several quality standards are met at the same time:

  • UL Listed 600 volts – USA
  • Recognized UL CSA 1000 volt – USA
  • HAR – European Union
  • TEW marking – Canada

With regard to conductor performance, the conductor’s cross-sectional area in nominal AWG and mm2 is guaranteed, while the flame resistance capability is consistent with UL 1581 Horizontal flame Test – UL VW1-IEC 60332.1.2

UL STYLE 10269 MTW-HAR-TEW single-core cables for fixed laying can also work with voltages up to 1000V and within a temperature range between -40°C and +105°C, while the MTW certification also allows them to be used in machines and in contact with industrial oils.

Choosing UL STYLE 10269 MTW-HAR-TEW means expanding the customer portfolio and targeting new countries, while still using one product and one stock code.

Any doubts about availability? This is taken care of by TECO, which guarantees a constant supply of the product, in coils, certified reels and also cut to size (with the guarantee of certification maintenance),
according to the customer’s needs.

If you want to know more about this product range, you can contact TECO’s cable specialists, who will be happy to introduce you to the features and different applications of TECO cables.

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