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Planning work, making products, selling them, scheduling, participating in events, receiving awards and obtaining certifications are only a few of the things that make a company great. All these things are dependent on technological innovation, and on people: the sales force, employees and management who dedicate their time to the organisation, with great passion and commitment.

Te.Co. is aware that technology is a key factor for any enterprise. This is why the company has embraced digitalisation, developing an organisational model that effectively integrates different activities, automating production processes and reducing the amount of time spent on organisation to minimise errors.

And Te.Co. is aware of the importance of having qualified, motivated, dependable employees capable of offering a quality product, just as it is aware that the company’s productivity depends on its employees’ well-being. This is why we encourage the people who work with us to achieve new goals, allowing them to put themselves to the test and above all acknowledging the importance of communication and discussion. The company invests in personnel, supporting continuing education to expand employees’ know-how through conventional training programmes and reverse mentoring: a new approach to teaching and learning involving a two-way exchange of ideas and skills, in which young people share their digital skills and dynamism while senior employees offer their experience, so that both increase their knowledge of the world around them. Because we at Te.Co. are convinced that sharing and dialogue help every single individual grow and enrich their professional skills and personality.

Implementing technologies, optimising employees’ well-being and investing in education are small steps that allow an enterprise to develop skills and abilities in all areas, improve its productive performance, add to employees’ satisfaction and motivation, and make people proud to be a part of the company’s community.

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