Supporting the customer in choosing the best solutions is our daily commitment.

Together, we study industrial applications and find the products that best meet the specific requirements.

Today we would like to tell you about a successful collaboration with APPLYCA, a Friuli-based company that manufactures precision fibre laser cutting machines.

APPLYCA chose TECO cables to equip a laser cutting line for the US market.

From a sheet of metal, the laser machine, created to the specifications of end user B0sch America, is used to design and make circular saw blades for cutting wood and aluminium.

The customer’s primary requirements in selecting suitable cables were as follows:

  • Use of cables in harsh environments
  • Mechanical strength for continuous operation, 24 hours a day, 360 days a year
  • UL certification for export to the US market

The solution identified by TECO’s technical specialists for supplying linear and brushless motors and feedback consisted in the dynamic installation cables PMXX®, which feature polyurethane sheathing and low-capacity insulation.

Our cables for mobile laying were dimensioned according to the bending radius of the chain and depending on the cycle time of the plant and were installed in cable trays, equipping 14 laser machines.

The PUR-sheathed PMXX® cables are suitable for use in harsh environments where dust, dust in the air, combustion products resulting from the operation of a machine tool and laser head are present.

In fact, despite the suction of the ducts installed in the working environment, the presence of remaining dust and residues means that highly resistant components must be used.

The correct choice of products translates into time savings for the end customer in terms of maintenance, which in this case takes place every three months, and avoids machine downtimes or interruptions in metalworking.

We are proud to have met the needs of our customer APPLYCA, supporting them in choosing the most suitable cables for their final application thanks to the proficiency of our dedicated technical departments at working in synergy to develop high-performance, quality solutions.

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