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smart workFollowing the new developments on Covid-19 and the orders issued by our Government, Te.Co. has also taken steps to adopt measures aimed at protecting its collaborators, customers and partners, ensuring the continuity of services as much as possible.

These also include smart working, a useful means of increasing the performance of the workforce by activating new methods of interaction and involvement.

Given a necessary reduction of the sales force on site, through these forms of “agile work”, Te.Co. promptly manages to respond to requests from Italian and foreign customers.

Our sales agents have all the tools available to ensure the sharing of the necessary information, from the simple sending of digital material, to video conferences for demonstrations on the operation of our products.

The operation of our logistics centre remains unchanged to ensure the management and shipping of all orders; protecting the safety of our collaborators and – at the same time – our provision of continuous quality is what we are committed to doing in this difficult period.

We therefore confirm that business, although reduced and with the exception of those activities that cannot be carried out in compliance with the regulations currently in force for the containment of the health emergency, will continue to be carried out in the best possible way.

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