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For the last 6 years Te.Co. has been Market Maker and Authorized Distributor of Rockwell Automation® products, a world leader in the supply of industrial automation and information management solutions.

As a Rockwell Automation partner, we can offer sophisticated automation technologies, electronic management services for the logistics chain and top-level on-site assistance.

The synergistic partnership between Te.Co. and Rockwell is based on the PartnerNetwork Program offering the following advantages:

  • Configuration of Integrated Architecture® components and systems
  • Training programs 
  • Commissioning assistance
  • Solutions for the logistics chain
  • Specific experience and in-depth knowledge of the key sectors for local markets
  • Technical consultants specialised in industrial applications
  • Local spare parts warehouse
  • Local assistance
  • Product order flexibility and ease

The aim of this partnership is to help the customer identify his needs, follow him in his choices and ensure greater simplicity and speed in the search and availability of materials, thanks also to Te.Co. significant amount of stock.

Thus, we don’t just produce cables at Te.Co, but automation solutions suited to any need. Expertise and quality are the engines that drive our actions and factors that identify our company.

To learn more about this topic, visit the “AUTOMATION SOLUTIONS” page and request our assistance.

Rockwell Automation

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