The new 2016 catalogue is now available. It replaces the previous 2014 catalogue and the News 2015 catalogue. It includes new families and many new codes for electrical cables.

The new organisation of electrical cables

Starting from this year TE.CO. has implemented a new programme in its IT system, which is able to automatically generate all the tables and technical sheets in the catalogue by exporting the required information from the product sheets. To do so, a considerable amount of revision of the information on cables was required, which ultimately led to more correct and accurate data.

The layout of the 1,200 electrical cables included in the catalogue has been updated and the cables have been divided out as listed below.

  • Cables for drag chains
  • Cables for unconstrained flexible application
  • UL cables for static installation
  • Non UL cables for static installation

In addition, every cable family contains the sequence:

  • Unshielded singlecore cables
  • Unshielded multicore cables
  • Shielded singlecore cables
  • Shielded multicore cables
  • Servomotor cables (4 poles/4 poles + pair/4 poles + 2 pairs)
  • Unshielded multicore signal cables (multicore/photoelectric/sensor-actuator box)
  • Encoder/resolver cables
  • Shielded multicore or multi-pair signal cables
  • BUS cables (variation: BUS cables are no longer included in one single chapter that included static and dynamic installation. They are now divided according to dynamic features).

For more detailed information please browse the new catalogue available directly on the website.
The best way to browse is to use the SHORTCUT for cable search on pages 4 and 5. The search criteria have been made considerable easier compared to the previous catalogue by highlighting only the cables’ essential elements such as type of jacket, shield, insulation, reference standards and working voltage.