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The FRX®/FRX-ST® family of cables for dynamic installation is suitable for guided dynamic installation on drag chains or unconstrained flexible applications.

Their characteristics include a high quality jacket made of PVC mixture that complies with the strict UL and CSA standards and is resistant to common chemicals and industrial oils. The advantage of using PVC for the outer jacket is that the cable is very soft and extremely easy to peel and unsheathe. It also means users can have a cable with intermediate-to-high dynamic properties at contained costs. Additionally, the PVC mixture guarantees good function in dynamic installation at low temperatures (as low as -10°C).

The colours of the jacket for FRX®/FRX-ST® cables for dynamic installation can be the ones in the Desina® table or black, depending on their intended use.

All FRX®/FRX-ST® cables for dynamic installation are made with very short steps of stranding in order to ensure their use on small chains with very tight bending radius. The cables are stranded with special untwisting stranding that removes internal stress, always guaranteeing the optimal linearity of the cable.

For special applications such as Servo Cables, cables for Feedback or Bus systems, conductors are insulated with low capacity Polyolefin, which improves their electrical qualities, reducing disturbances such as harmonics or voltage spikes, especially in very long lines. All the shielded versions have coverage equal to or higher than 85%, so they are not affected by produced or induced disturbances and are perfectly compliant with the current EMC rules.

Lastly, the UL approvals for the entire family of FRX®/FRX-ST® cables for dynamic installation mean these cables can be used inside control panels and on on-board machinery in the North American market.

These features mean the FRX®/FRX-ST® family of cables qualifies for use in the industrial sector of automatic machines or machine tools.

More details are available in the catalogue (which can be downloaded directly from the web site) or searching for the cable family using the new configurator.