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Risparmio energetico

There are many factors that make a Te.Co. cable special. Some are hidden “inside” in the form of special wire configurations or geometries, but the distinctive element that makes the difference is the use of special materials for sheaths and internal insulation, such as polyethylene and polypropylene.

Polyethylene and polypropylene are thermoplastic resins with excellent insulating properties and chemical stability, very versatile materials often used in the construction of low capacity cables, indispensable for powering any type of motor via inverter or drive.

The insulation based on this polyolefin has a very low dielectric constant (ε) which reduces the capacity between wire/wire and between wire/shield thus decreasing the voltage peaks (radiated disturbances) generated by inverter electronics.

This helps to fall within the limits of the disturbances imposed by the EMC directive while also preserving the integrity of the motor windings.

But the most important and new effect is energy saving as it limits the radiated disturbances which are then discharged to the ground from the shield thus reducing the dispersion of energy. Therefore, the electric current transmitted through the cable is greater, significantly increasing the efficiency of the system.

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