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TE.CO. family cable use TRAY CABLE EXPOSED RUN in American electrical systems is described by ANSI/NFPA70 article 336and completed by the indications reported by ANSI/NFPA79 as regards use in industrial automation.

The markings already provide us with some information regarding the possibilities of use:

P/N xxxxx TE.CO. – (UL) E471679 Fxx – TC -ER OIL RESISTANT I DIR BUR 4X6AWG 600V THHW 90°C DRY/75°C WET FT4/IEEE 1202 or MTW or AWM STYLE 21179 90°C 1000V –    c(UL) CONTROL CABLE CIC/TC-ER PVC SHIELDED FT4 or AWM I/II A/B 90°C 1000V FT1 06AWG TRAY-ST 4G16 H2 SHIELDED CE ROHS metric marking month/year

Literally, TC identifies a cable belonging to the “Power and control Tray Cable” category – Power and control cables for conduits.

It is intended for use on electrical power, control and lighting systems, and the main types of installation are:

  • Cable trays
  • Raceways
  • Wiring practise

The –ER suffix is an option that allows the cable to be mounted without support (outside a raceway) for a maximum length of 1.80 meters when passing between raceways or between raceways and user.

OIL RESISTANT identifies the possibility of use in environments where the cable may be subject to aggression by oil.

DIR BUR allows for underground installation.

75°C WET allows its use in even wet environments up to a temperature of 75° C.

CIC/TC like the American market, the Canadian market also regulates cable installation criteria for power or control raceways. The Canadian electrical code reserves the guidelines for the professional installation of this type of cable in chapter C22.2 No 239 “Control and instrumentation cables”.

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