TECO keeps evolving by implementing a major innovation project for its Italian-made cables. This is an upgrade aimed at offering ever better solutions that meet national and international industry requirements and standards.

Five cable types are involved in the innovation process, which will be progressively replaced by the new PLUS range: O.R. PMXX®, O.R. PMXX-ST®, O.R. FRX®, O.R. FRX-ST® and O.R. FE-ST SERVO. The whole series is UL/CSA approved.

The new single-core, multi-core power and control, servomotor, encoder and signal transmission cables will be available from April 2023.

A true PLUS for customers and their applications

What benefits will the new PLUS cables bring?

  • Permanent operating temperature at 90°C, an increased value for improved performance.
  • Steady 1000 Volt operating voltage of all multi-core power and control cables.
  • Compliance with the most current and international market standards for sheathing and insulation colours.
  • Adaptability to existing connectors, as the cable diameter does not vary significantly.
  • The same low-capacity insulation materials for all conductors 

To learn about the main features of PLUS cables, as well as the performance comparisons between old and new references, download and consult the dedicated white paper: White paper download.

Our dedicated teams, always ready to serve you

Our Product Management and Sales teams are trained to respond to each customer’s needs and recommend the right cable for their specific application.

Please contact your sales representative for any further clarification.