Among the many new additions to the 2016 catalogue are the new families of special electrical cables.

The new families of special electrical cables and their features

The new families include singlecore cables, multicore cables, TECNIFLEX® and MODBUS. Below are the details.

UL MTW/Style 10269 – 1000V singlecore cables

These cables comply with UL LISTED MTW (90°C – 600V) and UL Recognized Style 10269 (105° – 1000V) standards.  They replace the previous MTW singlecore cables and the working voltage (in compliance with UL Recognized standards) rises from 600V to 1000V, which means there is a broader range of application for them in electric panels or machines. LISTED standards cap the working voltage at 600V.

UL Style 21179 – 1000V multicore cables

The cables comply with UL Recognized 21179 90° 1000V standards. They fully replace UL Style 20886 and UL Style 2587 multicore cables. Unlike 2587 cables, these new cables can be laid in 1000V conduits, so there is a much broader range of application for them in electric panels or machines. They come in shielded and unshielded version. The marking includes Style 2587 as well, so the cable can also be used by customers who have that Style required by their specifications.

TECNIFLEX® BK (Black) 0.6/1 kV cables

These cables complete the range of traditional  TECNIFLEX® but with a working voltage above 0.6/1 kV. They have a UV Resistant (ISO 4892-2) and OZONE Resistant (EN 50936) black jacket. The sectors of application are mainly industrial automation and air conditioning.

MODBUS cables

They are not actually a real new family of cables because they are present in other families (such as CAN Open, ETHERNET, etc.), which can be used for the MODBUS protocol. For this kind of BUS the cables used are 2 or 3 pair cables with impedance equal to 120 ohm (RS485 or CAN Open). 2 or 4 pair Ethernet cables with 100 ohm impedance can also be used, or other kinds of paired cables with Polyolefin insulation and Low Capacity – customers must be supplied with the cable characteristics so that they can assess them.

The families listed below have been removed:
•    Cables for thermocouples
•    CUL MTW/Style 1015 – 600V / HAR singlecore cables
•    UL Style 20886 – 1000V multicore cables
•    SJT-ST cables
•    Coiled cables.

To view a detailed list of TE.CO. electrical cables go to online cable catalogue or request a paper version.