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Te.Co. TECNIFLEX® cables, multicore for static installation, designed to meet the needs of manufacturers of automatic machines and for on-board machine applications, comply with the CPR Regulation, Eca class.

The CPR standard regulates the design and production of electrical cables for energy and data transmission which must be installed permanently: this European Union regulation, in effect since 2011 and recently updated, sets the requirements of these products, the legal obligations to be met, fire reaction classes, performance verification systems and minimum performances.

CPR Regulation

Te.Co., for its family of TECNIFLEX® registered brand cables (abbreviated TFX), has chosen to follow the regulation relating to the Eca class and has supported the checks on its products by the accredited body, chosen by the company to carry out this task, thus obtaining a classification report.

Based on this report, a DoP (Declaration of Performance) has been drawn up and made available in the certifications section on our website for each Tecniflex family variant, shielded and non-shielded cables, cables with black sheath and armoured cables, providing all the information to guarantee the conformity of the product to this Regulation.

Furthermore, to identify the suitability of its products for the CPR regulation, Te.Co. labels cable packaging with the following information:

  • Te.Co. heading
  • DoP no. for each certain family
  • accreditation body ID
  • CE markings
  • reference standard
  • intended use
  • hazardous substance content (Eca- NPD class)

For further information on the CPR regulation, please visit the official website.

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