The North American market, with the USA and Canada at the forefront, which has been experiencing economic growth for several years, is proving to be very receptive and interested in Italian products and services.

The demand for Made in Italy does not only concern consumer products, but also involves more specific and professional niches, such as that of industrial electrical cables, which represent a very important and continuously growing sector in North America.

However, exporting this type of product overseas is not as quick and easy as it seems: in fact, machines, equipment and systems must be adapted to local regulations, in order to certify electrical and electronic products compliance with the essential US and Canadian safety requirements.

UL markings (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.) fills this gap: these markings certify industrial machinery compliance with current American and Canadian regulations, in order to meet required standards concerning the following risks:

  • Fire
  • Electric shock
  • Mechanical hazard
  • OSHA standards

It therefore represents a fundamental testimony of a company’s responsibility towards compliance with all the most restrictive safety regulations, its efforts in terms of technical investment and its commitment to guaranteeing the highest quality of exported products.

UL certification becomes a universally recognised distinctive element that identifies reliable and safe products, thus adding great value to the corporate image within the new market and in the eyes of new customers and consumers.

Always at the forefront in terms of commitment, quality and safety of its professional range, Te.Co. guarantees products with UL markings that not only allow rapid access to the North American market, but also the possibility to stand out by offering ​real value and maximum excellence.

In fact, manufacturers who turn to Te.Co. can count on UL certified components which guarantee important advantages:

  • Speed up the approval procedure for machines on the new market
  • Ease of export and commissioning
  • Reduction of further inspections by local authorities: no further tests or inspections are necessary on UL marked products
  • Product safety, reliability and quality guarantee
  • Increased trust and brand value globally

Certification, but also custom packaging suitable for the main world markets, in order to guarantee product traceability and compliance with all the stringent manufacturing process procedures, through a certification stamp on the original packaging.

Te.Co. provides this customised and tailor-made cable cutting service, meeting all the requirements requested by UL, in compliance with the UL Processed Wire Respooled standard, guaranteeing total product conformity for its customers.

For further information and to view updated certificates of the company, visit the Te.Co. certification page.