As 2021 comes to an end, we can say that it has been an important year for Te.Co., full of achievements, projects completed and awards received.

The year has been marked the launch of the new corporate website, with an improved design, functionality and navigation to offer an even more immediate response to all customers in the choice of products and solutions.

A new site but also a new online configurator, optimised with advanced settings and filters to guide users in finding the cable they are seeking from amongst the more than 1,300 products present.

The year also saw Te.Co. engaged in a series of professional webinars that have achieved incredible success and explored a wide range of fundamental themes, whilst also rendering us a protagonist in digital transformation, with 10 collaborators selected as driving Ambassadors in corporate digital transformation, with good perspectives and ideas for 2022.

What’s more, the year allowed Te.Co. to display important awards on the bulletin board, as a result of the Company’s constant commitment to growth and development and to the work of all of its employees and collaborators.

For Te.Co., the CRIBIS Prime Company 2021 recognition confirms its reliability in commercial relationships and the financial solidity that it continues to ensure each year, whilst the Bologna Best Performing Company certificate crowns us as being amongst the 1000 best Made in Italy companies for excellent commercial performance along with the capacity for financial resilience and stability throughout the height of the pandemic crisis as well as for meeting a number of positive fiscal parameters.

The year even confirmed Te.Co.’s focus on sustainability and its support for the “people and planet” project, which aims to positively contribute to the sustainability of development policies at a ‘glocal’ (global + local) level.

Many concrete and targeted actions were taken, such as the use of eco-sustainable materials in business processes like the packaging activities, which use eco-friendly adhesive tape, along with the support to various charities, including the Bologna Food Bank and EtaBeta, to which the company supplies its reels and pallets to give them a new life. 

The latest news to come as the year draws to a close is that, at the entrance of the company, we have created a circular green Christmas tree, made from our scrap coils together with plants from the EtaBeta nursery, the social cooperative with which we collaborate.

2021 further consolidated Te.Co.’s position amongst the best Italian companies in the production and sale of special electrical cables for industrial automation, confirming its leading role on the market for almost 40 years.

In recent times, this role has allowed the company to grow with a team of experienced and qualified employees – to date counting 75 – together with a valuable commercial network comprised of direct sellers and agencies that ensure widespread support throughout the Italian territory.

Finally, this year saw Te.Co. focused once more on the people, concentrating its efforts in making the customer experience positive and satisfactory, to guarantee a service and the supply of complete solutions whilst further enhancing both the pre-sales service that provides all useful information, with the aim of facilitating and directing the choice of the right investment.

This even extends to the after-sales support, with a team of specialised collaborators who provide the utmost assistance and care.

2021 opens the way to new goals – first of all being the 40-year milestone that will be reached in 2022. 

Thanks go to everyone who helped make this year yet another great and important one.

We wish to remind you that the company will be closed from 23rd December 2021 to 3rd January 2022 inclusive.

Happy holidays to you all!