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Unel colours (5 colours: G/V, BLUE, BROWN, BLACK, GREY) emerges from European standard CEI UNEL 00722 2003 for all cables used in the civil plant world (building plants and power cords for home appliances).

The standard provides the general rules for the use of certain colours or alphanumeric notations to uniquely identify wires and guarantee operational safety. Te.Co. has thus adopted the Unel solution in the construction of some of its cables.

Another solution is white numbering on wires with black backgrounds that was introduced in the 80s by German manufacturers for cables used in the industrial field, later becoming a habit on the international level.

Furthermore, for small section cables suitable for signal transmission, mainly electronic, Te.Co. will adopt colours according to the DIN 47100 table which also includes two-coloured longitudinally striped or dotted/ringed wires.

The colour has set and standard features and is assigned a specific meaning referring to safety or the identification of certain components.

Colour diversification in insulation in the civil, industrial plant and automation world thus has a specific code.

The type of colour to be used is given by the specifications, designers and application fields.

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