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Te.Co. Plastic Free

At Te.Co., we have always paid attention to what surrounds us by implementing behaviours capable of reducing our environmental impact as much as possible.

In recent years we have chosen to replace classic plastic bottles with aluminium and glass tanks, constantly filled with fresh water thanks to the filter systems connected to our office taps and, moreover, we try to use biodegradable cups and plates to have ecological lunch breaks.

Even our stationery has been transformed: we have added notepads, calendars and diaries made of FSC paper with eco-friendly covers made of cotton fibres to our recycled PET pens. Plastic has also been eliminated from shopping bags by choosing FSC-certified materials for our new bags.

Everything that was already made of paper has obviously been kept, but we pay much more attention to waste: we print only if necessary.

In this particular year 2020, the company felt the need to increase the range of ecological products by involving partners and customers in this vision. For this reason the new cable catalogue, released in July, was made with FSC certified paper, that is, coming from responsible sources.

In fact, the Forest Stewardship Council®(FSC®) is the body that, at an international level, is responsible for certifying forests managed in an eco-sustainable way and for controlling the process of transformation and use of wood and, consequently, paper products.

Our choices are small steps towards a world that will not be created at the expense of the forests, animals and people who live there. We strongly hope for a plastic-free future and believe that, working together, we can make a difference to change our planet for the better.

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