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In an automated industrial system susceptible to interference in the network and in the space around it, cables are shielded to reduce and eliminate potential interference (E.M.I.) caused by electromagnetic phenomena, electrostatic charges and electronic emissions.

Te.Co. helps customers choose the appropriate form of shielding, offering its suggestions on the basis of the intended application:

  • Tape shield (SN=H): aluminium/polyester tape shield wrapped around twisted wires or pairs; effective against electrostatic charges in industrial environments with a low level of EMI. Offers 100% coverage and requires an uninsulated wire in contact with aluminium, the DRAIN wire, to guarantee continuity and drain off electrostatic charges into the ground.
  • Braid shield (ST=H2): consists of parallel capillaries crossed over one another, with an excellent shielding effect at both low and high frequencies, indispensable for very high frequencies. May have a maximum coverage of 98%, and is not very effective under 80%. Offers excellent structural resistance while maintaining good flexibility and resistance to continual folding.
  • Tape and braid shield (SN/ST=H/H2): superimposition of a braid over an aluminium/polyester tape makes this the most effective kind of shielding, but also the least economical solution, for spaces disturbed by intense electromagnetic charges and high noise levels.

The high screening efficacy of Te.Co. cables, with coverage ranging from 85% to 100%, depending on the product, is indispensable for meeting the electromagnetic compatibility requirements of Directive 2004/108/EC.

In the technical part of the catalogue, Te.Co. provides customers with suggestions and criteria for further study of the topic and identification of the type of cable best suited to their needs.

For more information on Te.Co. shielded cables, download our catalogue or consult our online configurator.

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