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Te.Co. provides its customers with increasingly more suitable and appropriate tools to stay updated on regulatory and product news concerning the company; the new catalogue is meant to be one of these tools.

The technical construction evolution of Te.Co. cables is strongly linked to the development of industrial plants and to the continuous updating of regulatory standards, which are increasingly stringent and necessary to guarantee the use of special cables in industrial automation systems all over the world.

This is why the company has embarked on a path that has focused on achieving 3 main goals, pursued during the development of the catalogue:

  • Improve the dynamic performance of its products in line with technological developments in the world of automation
  • Demonstrate the electrical and mechanical specifications of the cables stated in the document
  • Adapt to the regulatory changes of the past few years

To help the reader find information that is clear and consistent even at a first glance, a common reading standard has been found for all the technical data sheets. The expression of the most recent regulatory references and better data management have made it possible to combine codes with the same significant characteristics to streamline and simplify catalogue consultation.

As with many aspects of the catalogue, there have also been some changes from a technical point of view. The most affected by this renewal were the FRX® PMXX® e PMMXX® family cables:

  • Variation of the external diameter of different cables for dynamic installation; modification of a physical characteristic of the cable aimed primarily at improving its dynamic properties in accordance with regulatory adjustments
  • Variation of the minimum operating temperature in dynamic installation (-5° C + 80° C), for FRX® cables, therefore with PVC sheath, result of modifications on construction materials, compounds used for the realisation of special cables in compliance to ROHS and REACH directive updates
  • Expression of the life of the industrial cable in cycles, no longer bending or movements, and increase in the life cycle, guaranteed up to 5M cycles for the cables of the FRX® and PMXX® families and up to 10M for the PMMXX® family:
  • Where possible, the reference to the motor or encoder manufacturer has been added for servo and encoder cables with relative wiring to quickly identify the most suitable cable for the application

Among the most significant innovations in the 2020 catalogue regarding approvals is the introduction of compliance with the CPR Regulation for our Tecniflex® cables.

A constant commitment to innovation and the improvement of the standards and performance of our cables allow our customers to differentiate themselves in their markets, thus transmitting greater value and building a cutting-edge and profitable future for themselves.

Learn more about what’s new in the catalogue! Fill out the form to download it on-line, or write to us to get the hard copy at your address.

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