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Logistica Efficiente di Te.Co.In the sales process, managing and delivering the products to the customers represents a great competitive advantage for the company: being promptly on the consumer market and with a wide range of products is a great way to gain market share.

To do this and to always keep the quality level of its cables high, Te.Co. has perfected the management of logistics by digitizing processes and streamlining procedures thanks to increasingly intelligent and punctual use of information.

Thanks to bar code readers and other digital tools, the work phases are optimised: the cable code is physically “shot”, then the cable is picked, cut, packaged and finally sent.

The areas are efficiently organised: the warehouse has 7 automatic vertical systems, an organised and tidy work area with well-designed and optimised workstations that reduce space and time wastage.

Thanks to this organisation, Te.Co. is able to fulfil 100% of the orders, minimise any errors, load and unload all the vehicles within the scheduled time frames, deliver to customers by the agreed dates (or times), thus ensuring timeliness and traceability of information and increasing the efficiency and quality of the distribution process.

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